track moulds

The company G. & A. based in Brugherio, in the province of Monza and Brianza, is concerned with the design, implementation and production of:

  • moulds for shearing
  • moulds for sheet metal works
  • progressive moulds
  • drawing moulds
  • masks and shear irons for different industries.

The multiple years of proven experience in the field with excellent knowledge of metals, as well as their properties and the way they deform, enable the Lombardy company to ensure extreme operational capability in this type of work and production.

The moulds perform a crucial role as tools that allow the transformation of the metal strip into a sheared, bent, struck or modelled component depending on demand.

The firm always has the samples of items in production at its disposal, so as to allow customers to be able to closely watch and experience the merchandise to be chosen before ordering its this way they can ask for changes or other modifications with respect to any specific mould.The company is also still available for the implementation of prototypes and project samples.

With the latest innovations in the automation sector and the possible application of powerful gas springs, hydraulic and auxiliary pneumatic presses, threading and drilling units, it is now possible for G. & A. srl to produce simple and economic moulds at fast rates and to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

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